Scavenger Hunt – Instagram Style

For the month of July we wanted to host something a little different on Instagram than our regular photo-a-day challenge.  We have enjoyed seeing all of the fabulous memories shared through instant captures.  The anticipation is already building to see how each of you will capture the clues on the scavenger hunt.

The challenge goes throughout the month of July with only 10 clues to complete.  You can share your captures in any order you wish.  See a classic car in the parking lot while out shopping?  Snap a photo!  Visiting an antique or historical building later this month?  Great, share your memories while there.  Take part in the scavenger hunt in whatever order works best for you.

To qualify for the $50 YesVideo gift certificate you must complete all 10 items on the scavenger hunt including at least one video (no minimum length).  Winner will be selected at random and tracked by the use of the hashtag #YesMemory.
Have fun and happy hunting!

February Photo-a-day Challenge

New Month, new Instagram photo-a-day challenges! Join us during the month of February for our Photo-a-Day challenge on Instagram. (Reading this after February 1st? No worries – jump right in!)

Not sure how it works? Its simple! Just take a photo that matches the challenge for each day (there’s no wrong answer – half the fun is to see how we all interpret each challenge). Upload the photo to your Instagram account, and tag the photos with the hashtags #yesmemory and #photoaday in the comments section, and you’re done for the day. The question is, can you complete the photo challenge every day?


YesVideo Instagram Photo-a-Day Challenge: February 2013

January Photo-a-Day Challenge

In just a few days we are not only starting a new month but also a new year. With 2013 just around the corner we are inviting you to join our challenge of taking the time to capture a memory every single day.

Follow along with our Photo-a-Day Challenge in January on Instagram by sharing your daily moments with us! Have fun with the prompts we created and incorporate them into your photos

however you see fit. Do not forget to tag your pictures with the hashtags #YesMemory and #PhotoaDay so we can find them to comment and like. We can’t wait to see what you share each day!

November Photo-a-Day Challenge

We have had such a great time this month hosting the #PhotoADay challenge on Instagram.  Not only have we enjoyed seeing all the great memories captured each day, we have also had fun watching our employees get on board.  Who doesn't love taking and sharing photos?

Here are a few of the photos we saw on Instagram this month.  You can view them all by searching the hashtag #YesMemory from your smartphone on Instagram.  You can also see some of them on Twitter.

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With November right around the corner we wanted to share the new daily prompts with you to gear up for capturing more daily memories.  With Thanksgiving, family reunions, pies and leaves changing colors everyone is sure to see some fabulous photos being shared.  Don't forget to tag your photos with #PhotoADay and #YesMemory so we can find them.  We love sharing your photos online and commenting.  Join us – @YesVideo on Instagram.


October Instagram Photo A Day Roundup

This month we launched our first Instagram Photo A Day Challenge and we are having so much fun seeing everyone’s interpretations of the daily photo prompts. Here’s a roundup of some of the photos. Enjoy!




It’s not too late to join, and you don’t have to participate every day. And it’s really easy. Just shoot your photo and post to Instagram with both hashtags #PhotoaDay and #YesMemory. Don’t forget to follow @yesvideo!

Instagram photos from: @yesvideo, @mommadjane, @shar2d2, @ebee3, @dcsjsf, @camhc66, @becccaludlum, @martyfranz, @benspark, @brandyellen1981, @bloodybones1984, @maggiezmom

October Photo-a-Day Challenge

Fall, pumpkins, football and costumes…  Join our Photo-a-Day challenge on Instagram during the month of October. It's simple to join by taking a photo with your smartphone that goes along with the daily prompt, tagging us – @YesVideo and by adding both hashtags #YesMemory as well as #PhotoADay so everyone can follow along.

October 1st is World Vegetarian Day, whether you are

a vegetarian or not remember momma said to eat those greens.  Show us a photo of your veggie of the day.  Head out at night and capture a beautiful photo of the moon to share with us on October 2nd.  Get creative on the 3rd, Techies Day.  Snap a photo of your Boss for National Boss Day on the 16th.  Feel free to use your imagination with the daily prompts.

Hopefully the photo-a-day challenge gets you in the habit of capturing memories every day, no matter how big or small.  We can't wait to see how you interpret each prompt and are excited to see your pictures!


Facebook Was Smart to Buy Instagram for $1 Billion

As a Silicon Valley-based company, we’re always interested in what our neighboring companies are doing. Of course we have some fun and interesting neighbors from Yahoo and Google to Apple and Facebook. Recently, there’s been a lot of talk in these parts about Facebook’s recent acquisition of Instagram, the popular photo sharing app for iPhones (for a whoppin’ $1 BILLION!). Not only are both companies neighbors of ours, but YesVideo, arguably, is in a similar business to both Instagram and Facebook as we also enable sharing of video and photo content. We thought we’d share our thoughts on this latest development:

Instagram has 40 million users.
Facebook doesn’t need a single one of them.

Instagram has $0 revenue.
Facebook needs all the revenue it can get prior to its public offering.

Instragram has 13 employees.
Facebook needs hundreds of engineers.

Why the acquisition?

Clearly not for their users, revenue or army of employees. This was an acquisition about product features and serving the needs of existing FB members. Did you know that more than half Facebook’s active members (and we count ourselves among them) access FB via a mobile device? And, what do you think they do most: post pictures.



In walk’s Instagram, the mobile only service that allows you to easily share photos (and do a few other nifty things like post them to FB). Was Instagram really worth a billion dollars? Who knows, but Facebook is catering to the mobile-toting audience that is about to make them worth more than 100 billion dollars when they launch their initial public offering in May. They say a picture tells a thousand words, but sometimes it also equals a billion dollars.  Can video be far behind?