Goin’ Green – Wordless Wednesday

Goin Green - WW

Our lucky charms around the office getting into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit.

A Year in Review – Wordless Wednesday


We’re raising our glasses to all the memorable moments we had at YesVideo this year and saying ‘Cheers’ to new beginnings!

Happy New Year!

Autumnal – Wordless Wednesday


As fall rolls in and the air begins to get chilly, let the nostalgic memories warm you up from the inside.

Down Time – Wordless Wednesday


One of the best things to share with your child, is a smile.
How do you make your baby smile?

BBQ Time at YesVideo – Wordless Wednesday

We love gathering with our co-workers for a yummy bar-b-que!

This week we are featuring a summer fun photo from Long Wait for Isabella.


Customer Feature: Photo & Slide transfers – Photographer Approved.

Here at YesVideo, we pride in specializing in our video transfer technology. It is not often mentioned, however, that we also spend as much effort in perfecting our processes for our photograph and slide scanning services. While we can list specs and numbers to support our case, we find it better when our own customers express how much they enjoyed their transfers, like in the case of Mr. Scott Peavy who trusted us with his lifetime collection of slides and digital photos.

Scott Peavy, 1985

Mr. Peavy has been immersed in the world of photography since he first got his hands on camera in the 7th grade. He took it up as a personal hobby, and it grew into a complete passion – going on expeditions all over the world to capture nature’s beauty within his viewfinder. To date, he’s built a personal collection of over 6,000 slides from his nature expeditions, and a growing gallery of digital photos – shifting the focus to his grandchildren and family.





As a photography artist for several decades, Scott is very meticulous about his art with an attention to every aspect in his photos. He attempted to digitize a few slides through his own methods, but the result did not meet his standard. Seeking a new solution, he sent a few sample slides to YesVideo test the quality. When he received the DVD, Scott was “just blown away”. He was amazed by the sharpness, color clarity, and depth that was captured from all his slides. Convinced in the result, he went through his photo collection and sent a more and more transfer orders, as well as some digital memories.

In addition to the transfer, he’s also grateful for the customer support he’s received from our production team. We enhance the photos we scan by adjusting color and lighting levels on the photos. Some of Scott’s images were adjusted, losing intentional over/under-exposure on some of his images. Scott brought his concern to our attention, and we gladly reprocessed his entire order and disabled all image adjustments.

Scott has gone from a customer to a YesVideo fan, and has generously expressed his gratitude in our service on several counts. He raves about the convenience of being able to enjoy his photos without the need of working a projector, the quality of the transfers, and the personal assistance he’s received as a YesVideo customer. We look forward to receiving more groups of Mr. Peavy’s photos, and celebrate that we’ve succeeded in making Mr. Peavy a happy customer.

Conclusion? YesVideo’s image scanning service is Photographer-Approved.

Mr. Peavy, present day.


(For a final piece of eye-candy, here are a few more of Scott’s digitized photos. Enjoy!)





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Blog Ambassadors Tour Headquarters – Easter Hunt Style!

Last month, we had the pleasure to welcome the company of our Blog Ambassadors at our Santa Clara headquarters. They were here during Easter week, so it was only fitting that we showed them around the facility Easter style – egg hunt and all!

Stay tuned next week for the Big Kid Playdate version if their visit!

This week we are featuring a photo from one of our blog ambassadors, Shell from {Not Quite} Susie Homemaker.  Congratulations on the wedding!


Bon voyage, Bill! Happy Retirement! – Wordless Wednesday

Bill Embleton, our General Manager and VP of Operations, leaves YesVideo to start enjoying his life in retirement. Bill has been a driver, leader, and cornerstone at YesVideo for over 10 years. We’re extremely grateful for all his efforts, and wish him the best in his journey. Cheers, Bill! Happy golfing!

This week we are featuring a photo from Marvelous Mommy.  A trip to the BabyLand Garden Hospital created some special memories and she captured the sweetness in photos.


Flashback to Ambassador Trip – Wordless Wednesday

Ambassador Visit Flashback. Ready for Round 2!

This week we are featuring a photo from Julie is Coco and Cocoa.  Spring is such a beautiful season to go fly a kit!  Remember to capture even the small moments.

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People or Places?

When it comes to vacation and travel pictures, photographers tend to fall into two camps: Those who want people in their pictures, and those who don’t.

It may seem funny, but people have some strong feelings about this! There are purists, who want their photos to be as free of people as possible. They want their pictures to be pristine portraits of the landscapes and the landmarks. Adding people to the mix just clutters the scene and ruins the shot. But for others, a picture is no fun unless it includes family and friends. It’s not about where you are, it’s about who’s there with you.

I used to be the former. For me, traveling was all about what I could see. I wanted to visit the Grand Canyon and snap a picture of the rock walls. Visit the Louvre and snap a picture of the Mona Lisa. Visit South Africa and snap a picture of a zebra.

However, as I’ve gotten older, traveled more, and had kids, I’ve begun to change my mind. Now, I’m more interested in what I can experience, not just what I can see. And the people are part of the experience. Take those above pictures of the Coliseum, for example. The picture on the right is nice. It shows the main features of this awesome landmark. But it’s a bit boring. I prefer the picture on the left, of my son and me. It brings back lots of memories of that day. It was his first visit to the Coliseum, and he was amazed. He was both scared of and in awe of the gladiators outside. And I also remember that I’d just been fussing at him, and I had to coax him into posing and smiling with me!

There are also times when the people are an integral part of the scenery. Rome’s Spanish Steps is a perfect example of this. No matter what time of day you go there, you’ll see loads of people milling about. There are large groups of tourists, teenagers loitering, and workers from the surrounding shops enjoying the outdoors while they’re on a break. It’s a fascinating tableau, made all the more interesting because of the diverse group of people. Whenever I go there, I try to take a picture from a new angle, and I love studying the people in my shot.

I still like to take landscape shots without people, though. It’s almost as if I consider natural beauty to be kind of sacred, and I don’t want anything to mess it up. I have been known to wait a VERY long time for crowds of people to clear out before taking a shot of a spectacular or famous view.

Sometimes, though, despite your efforts, people end up getting in your way. This picture below will always be one of my favorites. I was scoping out a view before taking some pictures, mentally composing the shots and checking the light. My husband suddenly ran up beside me, and posed like the goofball that he is. Someone grabbed my camera and snapped this shot before I could really even react.

It’s the perfect shot, really — a gorgeous landscape, but still full of personality.

So which do you prefer in your photographs, people or places? If you’re not sure, take the time to go back through your old vacation photos. I’m sure you’ll notice a pattern. You either prefer to remember the sights and the scenery of your trips, or you prefer to remember the people and the experiences. Neither choice is wrong or right, but it’s certainly interesting to consider how we choose to remember the big moments in our lives.

Amy Bradley-Hole is a freelance writer and speaker who covers tech, travel, business and parenting. She blogs at Freaky Perfect about the freakiness of her not-so-perfect life. When she’s not goofing around on the internet, she dreams up new ways to drive her husband and two kids crazy.