A Smiling Beginning into Early Retirement – Wordless Wednesday

WW_Betty_NaberBetty has been the lead film splicer at YesVideo for over 10 years, and is making the switch from caring for film to caring for her grandkids (lucky kids, indeed). From our entire YesVideo family, Thank You so much for your dedicated hard work, and big Congratulations on achieving this wonderful milestone.

Happy Retirement, Betty! Best wishes on all your future endeavors.

A Glimpse Into the Future

After spending hours these past few weeks looking at old family videos, I’ve realized that those old videos were really just a glimpse into the future. Until watching some of the videos, I hadn’t realized that many of the interests, talents and traits displayed by my children and grandchildren at an early age were really a sign for things yet to come.

Some of the best videos are those shot when the subject is oblivious to the camera in the room. People tend to show their true colors when they think nobody else is watching. There is an adorable video that I’ll be sharing soon on my own blog of my grandson, Nathaniel, when he was very young. He was listening to music on the computer, singing and jamming out with his father’s guitar. He was really getting into it! It was hysterical when he realized that he was being recorded. Fast forward to today, at age sixteen he has his own band and plays guitar for Georgia 4H Clovers and Company. I hadn’t realized way back then that there was a future rock star in the family.

A Future Rockstar

Then there was my grandson, Sidney, who spent many hours in his playroom as a young boy building LEGO ships, castles and aircrafts. He had a real nac for it and amazed me with his creations. It’s no surprise that he has ended up with a career as a master mechanic, as a young adult.

It was fun to watch video of my granddaughter, Becca, doing somersaults and cartwheels in her ballerina costume at age six. She displayed a true gift for tumbling at an early age and is now a high level competitive cheerleader. The cartwheels have since been replaced by round off – back tucks, but the same enthusiasm that was there 10 years ago exists today.

Now that I’ve come to the realization that these personality traits and talents were visible so early on, I find myself paying close attention to the actions of my youngest grandchildren. I’m taking mental note, and am interested to see how these talents and personality traits blossom in the years to come.

Laura Kromer resides in rural Georgia and is recently retired. She enjoys traveling and freelance writing. She is owner and co-writer of the family and lifestyle blog About a Mom, along with one of her daughters, Angela.

Mom & Baby Daughter. Inseparable since 1947 – Wordless Wednesday

Beautiful home memories from Geri at FabOverFifty.com. She just digitized some film reels her Father shot in 1947, and shares her experience in finding priceless moments with her mother from when she was just a few weeks old.


Read the blog post for video clips and the full story. As a bonus, you can save 20% off your YesVideo transfer order and be entered to win an iPad with the promo code FOF20. Offer valid through Feb. 3, 2014 at 12:00 EST. Get started at www.yesvideo.com.

Volunteering at Sunnyvale Armory Homeless Shelter – Wordless Wednesday


YesVideo lending a helping hand at the Sunnyvale Armory this past weekend, providing meals to 170 guests through donations & volunteers.

This week we are featuring some adorable elf photos from Immutable Ramblings.


BBQ Time at YesVideo – Wordless Wednesday

We love gathering with our co-workers for a yummy bar-b-que!

This week we are featuring a summer fun photo from Long Wait for Isabella.

Scavenger Hunt – Instagram Style

For the month of July we wanted to host something a little different on Instagram than our regular photo-a-day challenge.  We have enjoyed seeing all of the fabulous memories shared through instant captures.  The anticipation is already building to see how each of you will capture the clues on the scavenger hunt.

The challenge goes throughout the month of July with only 10 clues to complete.  You can share your captures in any order you wish.  See a classic car in the parking lot while out shopping?  Snap a photo!  Visiting an antique or historical building later this month?  Great, share your memories while there.  Take part in the scavenger hunt in whatever order works best for you.

To qualify for the $50 YesVideo gift certificate you must complete all 10 items on the scavenger hunt including at least one video (no minimum length).  Winner will be selected at random and tracked by the use of the hashtag #YesMemory.
Have fun and happy hunting!

YesVideo’s Executive Conference Room, a.k.a. “The Matrix”

Behind the scenes. A peek into YesVideo’s Executive Conference Room. The brain center where ideas are turned into reality, suitably titled “The Matrix”.

This week we are featuring a photo from Such a Mama.  Baby feet make precious photos.

Throwback Thursday: Denise & Harold’s Wedding Day

For this week’s Throwback Thursday (and in celebration of Wedding Season), we’re featuring a clip from Denise DiFalco, one of the winners of our April Blogaversary Clip Submission Sweepstakes.

Denise has transferred several videotapes with YesVideo, and she shares this video with us. A clip from the day she was united with her husband, Harold. Congratulations Denise & Harold!

What’s your most memorable wedding moment?

Throwback Thursday: Spring Cocktail Party

Spring is here! Great time to round up the friends and family to relax in the sun in a Spring cocktail party!

Throwback Thursday: Dad Practicing Golf Swing

Spring is here! Time for Dad to prepare for golf season! He’s making sure his swing is in top form before stepping up to his 7am tee-time.

Have you ever filmed your golf swing?