Keeping Memories Alive: The Importance of Photos and Video

Every once in a while, one of my friends with children younger than mine will ask me a question about my kids’ development – when they started doing this or that, what their first words were and when they said them, or how potty training went with so-and-so. I am always shocked to realize that I’ve forgotten so many of the little details of my children’s younger years.

How often have you said the words, “I will never forget this moment!” only to discover years down the road that the details of that event have faded in your memory?

keeping memories alive

The forgotten trip

I had a particularly poignant experience with fading memories regarding a trip I took to Mexico when I was a young, single adult. That trip has been a living reminder of the importance of photos and videos in keeping my memories alive.

My college roommate and I decided to take a long weekend getaway to Mexico the summer after my sophomore year of college. I had spent the previous summer on a study abroad in Mexico and I was confident that I could be a great tour guide.

As soon as we arrived back in the US, I rushed in to the one-hour photo and dropped off my roll of film to be developed. I couldn’t wait to see the pictures of our adventures. I was horrified to discover later that day that my entire roll of film had been eaten by one of the developing machines and not a single photo could be processed.

Crushed, I went back home and went on with my summer. Now, years later, I have few memories of that trip. If nothing else, my trip to Mexico proved to me that my memory is visually linked. Trips that I took before that year and the countless trips I’ve taken since have stayed alive in my memory for two reasons: 1) I take many pictures and 2) I regularly take them out to view, enjoy, and remember.

The not-forgotten childhood

Determined that I wouldn’t let another memory be “lost,” I have been diligent with taking photos and videos throughout my kids’ growing up years. Although so many of the details have faded (When, exactly, did AJ start walking?!) there are other treasures whose memories will live on and not be forgotten because I captured them on film.

How else would I remember just how silly my 2nd daughter’s “crazy eyes” eye trick was (she can no longer do this)…

Or how would I remember the somersault she taught herself to do in my mom’s spa?

Those little, everyday moments caught on camera, and especially those caught on video camera, remain vivid in my memory. But those memories are only refreshed when I pull out the photos and videos and actually view them.

This year, I am embarking on a project to keep more memories alive. I’ve got hundreds of short clips of my kids singing, dancing, taking their first steps, performing at concerts, and countless other ordinary activities. As my kids get older, I want to remember those early days and I know the best way I can do that is to relive the moments that we shared together.

It may be a big job to gather all of the little video clips I have, but I can’t wait to have them made into a DVD with YesVideo and watch them together as a family.

Do you have video clips or photos that are stored away somewhere that need to be brought out, organized, and enjoyed again? Join me in keeping your family memories alive in 2013!

Halloween Crew – Wordless Wednesday

Halloween. October 31, 2012 - The YesVideo crew preserved memories as wizards, ghouls and even…piggy-back-babies???

Besides just being precious, it is amazing to see how intrigued little ones are with the simplest things.  Today’s feature is by From PDX With Love.


Fall Photo Contest Winner

We truly enjoyed seeing all the wonderful Fall photos shared in our Facebook Fall Photo Contest this month.  We are still taking the time to spotlight some of your amazing memories on our Facebook wall for everyone to appreciate the season.  Below are some of the entries in our photo contest this month and we are excited to announce the winner.

There was no judging nor voting that took place, we simply used to select a winner based upon entry number.

Congratulations, Doris Reed, you are the random winner of a $100 gift certificate to preserve your memories with YesVideo!

Beautiful Leaves in North Carolina Mountains in Boone

Farewell – Wordless Wednesday

Clara, our HR manager, is leaving YesVideo and we threw her a surprise going away party

Today we are featuring a photo from the Chic Boutique Blog.  Weddings are always timeless memories t

o preserve.



Operations – Wordless Wednesday

Production Department: Order fulfillment – getting finalized – ready to ship.

We love seeing all the photos shared on our linkup each week.  Today we are featuring one that really caught our eye.  Check out the up-close details captured on this frog.  Thanks to Laura from Celebrate Woman for sharing.

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Craft a Memory

As you know, we love Pinterest.  Not only do we love seeing all the wonderful photos and videos being shared, we love finding other ideas for preserving your memories.  Below are a few of our favorite pins featured on our Craft a Memory board.  Some memories are preserved through crafts and some crafts help make memories…

How adorable is this homemade DIY photo calendar?  This calendar would make the best gift and would sit perfect on your desk.  It would be even more memorable if you were able to use a photo of your child from the same month in the previous year.  That way each month you would be able to reminisce and compare their growth from exactly a year ago.

Source: via YesVideo on Pinterest

Like the old saying goes 'a photo is worth 1,000 words', this idea says it best.  Photos capture memories that last beyond a lifetime and often they are used to relive those special moments.  Surprising a loved one by tying some of your old photos to balloons gives a unique twist to a birthday boutique.

his-years-christmas-card-evolved-into.html”> via YesVideo on Pinterest

Everyone has fun taking photos in a photo booth.  If you dust off your old boxes of photos in your closet you are bound to find at least one photo strip of black and white images.  Try turning those into a creative greeting card!  I bet you could make some old high school friends laugh when they open a letter from you and are surprised with a photo strip from the good ole' days.

Although you capture many memories within video and photos, there are always those souvenirs and small tokens of our life adventures.  This craft is a great way to include those items alongside your photos.

Not all special moments can be documented clearly through video and photographs only. Sometimes you need a little demonstration.  This craft is pure sweetness.

Help us find you on Pinterest by following us.  We love to connect with fellow pinners and cannot wait to check out all your boards.  To find more ways to craft your memories visit our Craft a Memory board.

How do you preserve your memories?  What is your favorite DIY craft to document that special moment in life?


How to share your video clips online with YesVideo

So, you’ve taken my advice and have started capturing video.  Now what?

You don’t need to be a video geek in order to share your clips online.  I’ve come to realize recently that the average population does not have access to, nor the desire and/or time to learn how to use video editing software.  In fact, I personally know a number of HD video camera owners who have no idea how to get the video out of their camera once captured.  They tell me it’s daunting – the thought of uploading, editing and processing video.

It’s a shame.  Birthday parties.  Kids being goofy.  Sports games.  Grandparent’s Anniversary.  Great memories are stuck inside cameras, just waiting to be set loose in the world.

If you are comfortable connecting your camera to your computer and working with your own files, wonderful.  Grab your video geek flag and wave it high.  This post is not for you.  If you have a desire to share your videos online via Facebook or Twitter, but have no idea how to get them out of your camera to do so, read on.

You already know that YesVideo transfers VHS to DVD.  Did you know they also transfer SD Cards to DVD?  Most cameras record files to SD Cards.  Not only will you get a DVD of the contents of the card, but YesVideo also uploads your files to your own MemorySafe account online.  On there, you can easily trim your clips into usable files and share them directly to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Voila.  Now go, no excuses now.  Get those memories out of your cameras!

Disclosure: This post was created in connection with my appointment as an Ambassador for YesVideo.  Thoughts and opinions are clearly my own.

No Moment Is Too Small – Wordless Wednesday

Don, Lisa and Cam enjoying the California sun walking the dogs.

This week we are featuring a photo from Judy at Coffee Jitters.  The photo caught our eye because it symbolizing capturing the sweet simple moments in life, then we read the post and it meant so much more.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


Preserving the Past for Generations to Come

When my grandparents passed away there were many photographs and even some old 16mm films that were handed down to my father as well as to me. I always love to look at these pictures and I do whatever I can to take care of the pictures themselves to make sure that they will last for a long time to come. The only problems that I have are: first, that I don’t always know who I am looking at as the pictures were not always marked on the back and second, even though I do a lot to make sure that the pictures are kept safe, I can still see age and time taking its toll.

I see the same issues with the 16mm film that I have. The first problem that I have is that I have no way in which to watch the movie itself even though I would like to. Second, I have a concern that I do not have the films in the right temperature and that they will start disintegrating slowly if I do not save them soon.

With that in mind I was excited to learn more about YesVideo. One of the reasons that I was very excited about this service was that, u

nlike a lot of other services that transfer items the security that they provide for the items that they receive is amazing. They treat each of the videos, photos and other media that they receive with utmost care and treat them as if they were their own. With the fact that I am trying to safeguard my family treasures I want to be able to send media that I want to keep for future generations to someone that is going to treat them in the same way that I would treat it and I found that the staff and that the company of YesVideo will definitely do that. Even more than this they take so many different types of media. What this means for me is that I can send in my photos, VHS tapes, 16 mm films, 8mm films, or other media and I can rest assured that they will be able to transfer this to a high quality DVD that can be viewed by family and friends for years to come.

Preserving the past is so important, in saving some in the media that my family has taken and held in the past is something of a tribute for me to them.

I have been so impressed with the services of YesVideo thus far, and I know that I will be using their services for many years to come!

What would you save from the past by using YesVideo services?


Mother’s Day Photo Contest

In honor of Mother's Day we are hosting a photo contest for a chance to win a $100 transfer service gift certificate.

Do you have that one childhood memory you shared with your mom in the forefront of your mind that you'll never forget?  How about a timeless photo of you with your mom from when you were little?  What about your best photo taken with your own children, showcasing yourself as a mother?  Share your favorite mom photo with us for a chance to win a $100 transfer service by YesVideoPreserve your memories by transferring them to DVD today.

It's simple to enter. 

Visit the YesVideo Facebook Page, enter your contact information and upload your favorite photo of mom.  It's that easy.  On May 7, 2012 we will select a random winner.  The gift certificate will be awarded to one winner via email.  You can use the gift certificate for yourself on your own transfer service or give it as an unique Mother's Day gift.

Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift to give the woman that has everything?  Preserve her memories today!  Deadline for all orders to be received by Mother's Day is April 23, 2012 and for rushed orders media must be received by YesVideo on May 1st.  Gift Certificates are available for purchase.