Throwback Thursday: Marching to the Beat of the Drum

And 5-6-7-8!

Cue the flag tossing, symbol crashing, and brass horns playing. It’s time to tip-off March Madness, and who better to rally the crowd than the Color Guard crew and Marching Band.

Hit it, guys and gals!

Get into the spirit and show some support for these athletes of a whole other breed. And be sure to check out more of these clips provided by Mindi from Simply Stavish at

Throwback Thursday: Baby Talk

A yawn, a cry, a burp, a giggle – it really doesn’t take much for infants to get our attention while bringing a smile to our faces. While we don’t know exactly what he’s saying, the baby gibberish, flailing arms and unabashed smile are enough to let us know that this little guy is having the time of his life with his favorite toy.

Enjoy these early moments of motherhood thanks to a clip provided by Mommy Snippets from And congratulations in welcoming your newest bundle of joy to your family!

Throwback Thursday – Have you met, Jessica?!

Meet Jessica! Laura & her kids have fun with markers and a wig to create a friendly alter-ego. (Just don’t be too loud. Jessica is getting sleepy and would like peace & quiet).


Family footage courtesy of Laura Franklin from

What are some funny creative activities do you do with your kids?

Throwback Thursday: Born to Cheer

Remember when they performed their first cartwheel?



This video is brought to you by YesVideo Storyteller, Angela Sellari from

She shares a home video of her young girls tumbling in the living room. Little did she know, it was a tell-tale sign that they’d be all-star cheerleaders!

What did you or your kids do as kids that led to a passion as they got older?

Snapshot Feature – Molly O’Connor

Today’s special video moment is brought to you by a special friend of the YesVideo family.

Molly O’Connor shares one of her favorite moments from her home movies. Using the latest features in YesVideo iPhone App, she shares a Snapshot from the moment she had her first taste of ice cream. While an iconic moment for her, the video helped her understand where she picked up some of the facial expressions she makes to this day when she serves herself a scoop. Some things just don’t change!

 Molly - Snapshot 1

molly - ice cream

#RememberWhen I had my first taste of ice cream? I still get wide-eyed at the sight of the stuff. The only thing that’s changed is the serving size…and the color of my bib.

– Molly O’Connor



What made your eyes light up when you were a child. Tell us about it below!


This Snapshot was captured with YesVideo’s iPhone app, now available free at the App Store.


Throwback Thursday: Greased Lightning Touchdown Dance!

This week’s Throwback Thursday clip is brought to you by YesVideo Storyteller, Anne Parris from

In celebration to this upcoming Super Bowl, she shares a great video of her husband from when he was seven years old. While the Dallas Cowboys didn’t make it to the big game this year, Anne’s husband flashes his Dallas jersey and his best Grease dance performance!

My husband was a fan of the Dallas Cowboys and the musical Grease. Here he is at age seven combining both.

Anne Parris,

Do you have any videos of your best touchdown dance?

YesVideo Employee Snapshot – Ryan Skach

Today’s special video moment is brought to you by YesVideo’s employees.

Ryan Skach shares one of his favorite family moments using the new features in the latest YesVideo iPhone App – a Snapshot and video snippet from his parents’ wedding that was captured on 8mm film. This is a video that neither of his parents knew existed until they digitized the family home video collection.

I transferred a bunch of my family’s film reels and VHS tapes for them for Christmas this year. There was so much footage that we still haven’t had time to watch it all, but I’ll never forget my family gathered around my Dad’s iPad on Christmas morning watching their long lost wedding film from 48 years ago!

Ryan -iphone app

They have the pictures of that special day in nice frames in the house but none of us kids had ever seen actual moving video of that day! My parents were both shocked that there was even any film footage because it was such a hectic day that they didn’t realize my grandmother had been filming them. They especially enjoyed the moment in the video of them walking out to their car which was covered in shaving cream, lipstick, and beer cans! You can see my mom frantically wiping off all of the lipstick before they ride off together.

I took a snapshot of them eating their wedding cake and toasting their champagne and posted it on Facebook for all of our relatives to see and remember when.

-Ryan Skach, Retail Marketing Manager

Ryan Parent Wedding Animated Snapshot

Click here to see a Snippet of this scene.

This Snapshot was captured with YesVideo’s iPhone app, now available free at the App Store.



Throwback Thursday – Handwriting

January 23, 2014 is National Handwriting Day.

In homage to the art form that is writing with a pen and pencil, we’ve collected a series of videotapes, movie reels, slides and photo albums hand labeled by their owners.

With today’s adaptation of the keyboard, penmanship has gone with the times – giving us a greater appreciation of these handwritten messages.

Enjoy! And if you have any handwritten pieces you’re attached to, please share!

YesVideo Employee Snapshot: Eber Legarreta

Today’s special video moment is brought to you by YesVideo’s employees.

The recent update to YesVideo’s iPhone app is filled with new features. One of our favorite additions is the Snapshot feature, which was previously only accessible through our iPad app.

Eber Legarreta shares one of his favorite moments. A Snapshot and accompanied video clip from his childhood.

Eber using YesVideo iPhone App

“Remember when I was eight years old, and my baby cousin wasn’t even old enough to walk. He entertained himself by flicking the door stopper (yes, like a cat would), and we capped the moment by sharing some juice.

Its a completely random and meaningless moment of my childhood, but its incredible to be able to see ourselves in different stages of our lives. Priceless!”

-Eber Legarreta, Community Marketing Manager

Eber YesVideo Snapshot

Click here to see a video Snippet of this scene.


This Snapshot was captured with YesVideo’s iPhone app, now available free at the App Store.

Throwback Thursday : Living Room Dancing

Blackmail or dance show audition tape?! These free spirits don’t care. Any time is good a good time for dancing!

Family footage courtesy of Laura Franklin from