Twitter Party With Olympic & World Champion Brandi Chastain

October 17 started off as just a normal Thursday, but come 5:00, Brandi Chastain showed up at YesVideo’s headquarters in Santa Clara to be the special guest for our October Throwback Thursday Twitter Party. No adult beverages were distributed, but without a doubt – it became happy hour at YesVideo.

Brandi Chastain at YesVideo Twitter party

Brandi Chastain Tweeting On-Site at YesVideo Twitter Party

For the next two hours, Brandi shared the stories behind some of the home memories she had transferred with YesVideo. Priceless personal bits of information that would be completely unknown to anybody but her. The story behind her “catch of the day” fishing picture – where she made deals with her Dad to clean the fish so she wouldn’t have to eat them (because like many kids, she hated fish!). The laughter (and slight humiliation) behind her Backyard Line Dancing Session – or “The Shuffle” – as she corrected. Stories even spanned through decades, as Brandi saw her Santa picture which sparked a memory that she still takes pictures with Santa to this day.


Brandi & Brian sharing Twitter Party amusements

Then the clock struck 6:00, and the Twitter Party began. In the Tweet board, the #RememberWhen hashtag rained with Tweets from followers that came from every part of the country who joined in to reminisce about some great Fall memories. In the YesVideo office, it was an hour filled with countless laughs, reflections to memories from the Tweet board, and even a little competition for who had the “most awesome memory” to share.

Brandi Chastain models her jeans

Brandi proudly models her “hobo pants” after her Twitter post

In the end, the party taught us that roasted pumpkin seeds amazing, pumpkin carving can be fun, but some “end up looking like it was run over by a car” as @thorsname admitted, Fall landscapes are always beautiful, and that Hobo Pants are making a comeback – as Brandi proudly models.

Thank you, Brandi, for the visit & joining us at the Twitter Party. In simple words, it was a blast! We look forward to making some more #RememberWhen moments in the future.

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