Throwback Thursday: What’s Summer without a convertible!

Sun is shining – Summer is here! Time to drop the top on the hot pink convertible, and hit the road! This little driver might need a few lessons before leaving the parking lot though. She learned the burnout, but hasn’t quite figured out the brakes yet…(Sorry Mom!)

Family Footage courtesy of Shannon Gosney from

Throwback Thursday – AARP 2013 National Event, New Orleans!

AARP New Orleans - Sept2012We had a great time  at the AARP Life@50+ 2012 National Event in New Orleans last year. We’re back for another round at  AARP’s National Event, this time hosted in the always-exciting city of Las Vegas.

The event starts today at 1 PM, running from May 30 – June 1. If you’re at the event, swing by and say Hello! We’re in booth 2955!


Throwback Thursday: Summer BBQs & Carnival Rides


Sun is out, Memorial Day weekend – calls for a picnic table, a hot grill, and the local fair.

This footage is from 8mm film shot in 1949. Some traditions are just perfect the way they are! How are you celebrating your Memorial Day weekend this year?

YesVideo – In the Words of our Blog Ambassadors.

This past March, some of our Blog Ambassadors paid YesVideo a visit to meet the team and tour YesVideo’s headquarters in Santa Clara, CA.

After a day of fun to get to know one another, and a first-time-ever “Easter Egg Hunt YesVideo Tour”, the Ambassadors got to learn YesVideo from the ground-up. Before their farewell, we sat down for a little unscripted Q&A to reflect on their visit.

Thanks for the great memories, Bloggers!

Throwback Thursday: Denise & Harold’s Wedding Day

For this week’s Throwback Thursday (and in celebration of Wedding Season), we’re featuring a clip from Denise DiFalco, one of the winners of our April Blogaversary Clip Submission Sweepstakes.

Denise has transferred several videotapes with YesVideo, and she shares this video with us. A clip from the day she was united with her husband, Harold. Congratulations Denise & Harold!

What’s your most memorable wedding moment?

YesVideo Customer Feature: Wedding Anniversary – Number 50!

This week we’re featuring a clip from Tom Mitchell, one of the winners of our April Blogaversary Clip Submission Sweepstakes.

He shares a priceless 8mm movie film clip from the celebration of his Grandparents’ Golden Wedding Anniversary, filmed in 1968. 50 years married, and full of laughs and smiles!


Have a clip to share? Write to us at to be part of our YesVideo Customer Feature segment!

Throwback Thursday: I Heart Mom. Family Dinner.

Priceless family dinners would not be the same without Mom. Thanks for all your love & care, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!

Vintage 60’s 8mm film footage YesVideo archives.

Throwback Thursday: Walking 101. Baby’s First Steps.

Walking 101. Lesson 1.
Left foot, right foot. Run to Daddy. Run to Mommy. Repeat until awesome!

Learning the basics of walking as a baby. Vintage 70’s 8mm film footage from YesVideo’s own Christian Collins.

Throwback Thursday – Kids being kids

Kids being kids at the local town picnic. Having fun,

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and enjoying the simple things!

Vintage 1960s footage from 8mm film.

Throwback Thursday: Dolphin Tricks!

Footage from vintage 8mm film. A day

at the zoo, watching dolphins show their brilliance with some fancy tricks. Who knew dolphins can jump so high!

Do you have any zoo trips planned for this year?