Taking a Trip Back in Time

My dad loved Disneyland probably more than I do today. He was a young adult when Disneyland opened in 1955 and was able to see Walt Disney’s dream come to life. My dad visited Disneyland often and was always taking pictures and videos of his adventures. Sadly, my dad passed away in April 2014 and with his death left an big hole in my heart. While helping my mom clean out my dad’s office we came across several reel to reel movies. Luckily my dad was a technology geek and he still had a projector in perfect working order. We turned it on and threaded the film strip through the sprockets and were instantly transported back in time to Disneyland 1964.

Having a working projector for the reel to reel film is rare and while we watched the movies the film kept slipping out and we had to stop watching the movie to fix it. Having a service like YesVideo is great because once the film is transferred I can share clips on Social Media, email them or embed them like I have done here.

In this clip of Disneyland from 1964 look for Mickey Mouse on the bottom left at the Main Gate at the 9 second mark of the clip.  You will take a quick ride on the Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad and get a glimpse of the Frontierland station which is now the New Orleans station.  Leaving the station  you will also see the Haunted Mansion building which was completed in 1963 but didn’t open as an attraction for another five years in 1969.

During this clip you will get a glimpse of the Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad pulled by the E.P. Ripley steam engine.  The E.P. Ripley was one of two operating steam engines on opening day in 1955. There is also a scary looking character walking around on Main Street, U.S.A.  For a time the Phantom of the Opera could be found in front of the Main Street Cinema.

The Moonliner standing 76 feet high can been seen as my grandmother walks around to check it out.  This symbol is no longer at Disneyland and was torn down and now Innoventions stand in its place.  However a replica standing just 53 feet tall sits near Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port.  You can also take a quick ride on the Submarine Voyage.

The Monorail Blue can be seen zooming above Tomorrowland.  Monorail Blue was in service at Disneyland three weeks after the Monorail Red in 1959.  You will see guests riding on mules in the Pack Mules Through Nature’s Wonderland, this attraction is now home to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Lastly you will see a view of Disneyland from the Mark Twain.

This clip shows the Mark Twain and the Jungle Cruise which look pretty much the way they do today.  It’s fun to take a trip back in time to see vacation videos of years past. When my 8-year old saw the video she asked why everyone was so dressed up at Disneyland. One of the other aspects that I enjoy from watching these vintage videos is to see how much of Disneyland of the past still remains, and still looks the same. When I saw the Mark Twain sail by in this video it looks just like it did when I saw it last weekend.

Guest story and memories shared by Dawn Dawn Cullo from IAmAMommyNerd.com

When was your first time to visit Disneyland in California?


  1. Bonnie Radford says:

    These are great family clips of your visit to Disneyland in California. It reminds me of our own family trip there and we enjoyed it tremendously! YesVideo has a wonderful transfer service to help preserve our home reel videos and keep them accessible to all of us. I recommend everyone to try their service because they will be excited to see all of their family history again and again!