Thanksgiving Beyond the Feast

When family gathers together over the holidays we make memories beyond the delicious food.  Rachel from Tools 2 Tiaras shares her favorite Thanksgiving memories and how her family made them possible.

While most people take the time to establish a menu and make lists of the ingredients they need from the grocery store, our preparation involved much more than food. When my kids were little we always had to plan a fun activity to do. This involved something as small as making our own name tags and decorations, but could go as elaborate as choreographing our own dance routine.


Watching old home movies can make you cry from laughter and reminiscing on the sweet memories is priceless.  I encourage you to read the rest of Rachel’s story over on her blog.  Can you imagine half of the family re-enacting the scene from Beetlejuice right as everyone starts to eat Thanksgiving dinner?  Running around the table singing Day O, The Banana Boat song by Harry Belafonte.

Secret surprise, Rachel’s grandma spontaneously joins the fun!

Which memory are you reliving this Thanksgiving Day?