The 5-second clip that reunited a former couple.

Here at the YesVideo Memory Factory, we’re handle a regular flow of home videos filled with an infinite list of family stories. When our customers watch them, some will laugh, some will cry, and some will share their favorite clips with their loved ones. Every now and then, however, the pressing of a “Play” button impacts our customers in ways that stops us flat on our feet.

Enter Bonnie Radford who used our service for the first time with one of her old film reels. She submitted a 42-year old film reel, which to her surprise, changed her life completely.

In short, watching her old video led Bonnie to reconnect and reunite herself with her former husband. But we’ll let Bonnie tell you the story in the clip below, via KSDK News Channel 5.


Bonnie is reminder of the power of nostalgia and the personal significance of the memories

that we handle every day. We’re true believers that we’re not just “digitizing old movies”, but unlocking stories and priceless memories for the individuals that trust us with their videos.

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