Throwback Thursday: Grounded in the Mud

More and more often, getting caught up with material goods overshadows the wonders to be found within our natural environment.

Set in 1957, stolen moments like this are that necessary reminder to take a breather from our routine, assess our surroundings, and find the fun in our everyday lives. With this particular case it isn’t difficult to pinpoint.

The moment our young friend’s two hands make contact with that mud, we can already feel what’s going on; it’s curiosity, apprehension, amazement, and joy wrapped into one. It’s an experience that resonates in all of us because there are so few times when we actually experience these feelings at once, but when it does happen it’s certain that we will never forget them.

There’s a saying that those who ask for rain have to deal with the mud. Where others would hesitate, here’s someone who is more than happy to oblige.