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YesVideo Transfer Big Win Big Contest

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  1. I have 100-35mm slides,3-7″(400′),2-5″,5-3″, 8mm movie film. because of the volume that I have, I would like an estimate of the total cost to transfer all of these to DVD. I see you have a number of promotional discounts such as (IPAD15) 15% discount and 1 free reel transfer,etc. Please respond

    • Hi William. We’d be happy to provide you with a quote. Our Customer Care representatives could talk with you directly to estimate the cost of your order. Please write or call us at or 1-866-493-7383, and a representative will be able to assist you personally.

  2. Robert Pankratz says:

    Hi everybody,

    Can’t wait to try your service. Non-tech newbie so please bear with me. Was wondering about the transfer process (8mm film) to digital. Couple quick questions:

    1. Frame by frame, scan or some other process?
    2. Film cleaned, lubricated during process? Film is from 1972 but has only been “run” a couple of times during that year and then stored in canisters since then. Any thoughts on probability of success?
    3. When stored on your cloud, what quality/compression level can be pulled down for editing? better to send you a hard drive to load uncompressed? Is that an option?

    Thanks in advance so much for your help and for making this service available. Congrats on your anniversary and successful business.

    • Hi Robert. Not a problem. Happy to help! In direct response to your questions:

      1. The film is first cleaned and spliced into 7-inch reels for sequential playback. The film is then ran through our projectors which have been custom fitted with a digital camera at the very edge of the lens. This camera captures the video directly from the projector.

      2. Yes. Before the transfer, we clean the video an run it through a non-abrasive cleaning solution. As mentioned, it is then transferred into our 7-inch reels where any broken splices are repaired. 1972? We’ve done film as far back as the the 1920’s. It all depends on how well the film was stored. From your description, I’d be comfortable with sending it in with expecting a good quality capture – but keep in mind this is an assumption based on how you maintained your film. Our team would need to review and transfer the film to know for sure.

      3. When stored in the online, we store the high quality MPEG videos in our servers for 90 days. During this time period, you can use our web tools to create DVDs from the videos you transferred. This allows you to create DVDs just as we captured them, or create custom DVDs with just the chapters you prefer. After the 90 days, the videos are still accessible for online viewing as the online video version is still stored in our servers. Unfortunately, a download option is not available at the moment, but you are able to extract the videos from the DVD discs. Our Customer Care representatives are happy to walk you through this process if you need assistance. A hard drive transfer is also not a part of our service at this time.

      Please let us know how if you have any more questions. And thanks for the kind wishes! Its customers like yourself that keep us happy to turn on the office lights each morning to preserve more and more great memories!