Traveling, bonding and making memories.



As a child I remember my Mother taking my sister and I to a museum in practically every city we visited. Thankfully she’d choose museums that would captivate us.


I still remember one museum that housed larger than life sized exhibits of animals and dinosaurs. My biggest fear in that place was that I’d knock one of the exhibits down. (You see, as a child I had the uncanny ability to drop or bump into things!)

Now as a Mother, myself, I find myself adopting a lot of what my Mother would do with us, with our kids.

So yes, when we did our 3 day family get-away to San Antonio, we put two museums on our “must-see” list – Louis Tussauds Wax Museum and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.


Day 1 of our trip was focused on allowing our daughter to experience a birthday gift she will never forget!

Day 2 was a day set apart for the museums and church later in the evening.

Museum-wise, the wax museum didn’t tingle their excitement very much till they found the President

and the Passion of Christ exhibit.

Mama, of course, had fun, irrespective!

What was definitely up their alley, though, was the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum.

The museum was a great choice for our family as we got to laugh, explore and absorb all the amazing exhibits in awe.

And best of all we didn’t realize we’d spent close to 2 hours at the museum, till Hubs checked his watch!

Hubs and the kids getting their groove on!

Oh and a certain exhibit inspired us to stick to eating healthy for the rest of our trip!

Did you know the heaviest man in the world lived in New York? He weighed a whopping 1400 lbs. WHOA!!


On the last day of our trip we chose to do something out of the ordinary.

We took the kids out to the Texas Hill Country to explore the untouched, un-commercialized part of San Antonio.

After a picnic outdoors and a little patient waiting, they were treated to visits to the lake by wild deer, geese and ducks.

A definite treat!


Encouraging a love for travel, opens up a child’s world and leaves chunky deposits in their memory banks. 

And while we may not have had a vacation packed with a lot of activity, the kids thought it was one that was unique in many ways.

My daughter can’t stop talking about the belugas and my son asks if we can go back and see the deer. (Oh, and the man who had his sides eaten by a shark!! That’s the only exhibit he remembers from Ripley’s. Sigh!) 


For me, looking at photographs taken with wide grins on my family’s faces, tells me that they had a blast and we made special memories as a family.

In the end that’s the bottom line…

we traveled, we bonded and we made beautiful memories.



Marina J, is a Texas based, chai-loving, Mom of two giggly bundles of energy and the voice over at Energizer Bunnies’ Mommy Reports. You can find her sharing her latest updates on Facebook, pinning things she loves on Pinterest or uploading fun pics on Instagram.