Treat Yourself This Christmas with a YesVideo Giveaway

Leading up to Christmas we are all busy with the hustle and bustle of decorating and shopping.  Then we go right into the cooking and preparing for our holiday gatherings.  Once Christmas arrives we gather around with family and are usually busy taking videos of everyone opening presents or capturing those perfect moments where the kids are laughing and smiling.  By January we are starting to finally unwind and reminisce over the whirlwind of a holiday that just flew by.  This is when we start to pull out those holiday videos and photos to take time to truly experience the memories we may have quickly glanced over.

Since you are busy buying for everyone else this holiday season, YesVideo wants to treat you to a special prize pack for preserving those personalized memories.

Prize Pack Includes:

  • $100 gift certificate for YesVideo home video & photo transfer services

Entering the giveaway is simple, just follow the steps in the form below.

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  1. I would love to get my parents old reels from when I was very young on to a DVD.

  2. Heather Stanley says:

    this would be great! thank you so much!

  3. I would preserve my parent’s wedding video.

  4. Kathy Kreft says:

    I wish I could preserve all of the Christmases when my mom was still with us. She died when I was 18 so I guess I’d like to preserve all the Christmases of my childhood.

  5. I would love to get my home videos from when I was young with my grandparents on DVD.

  6. I would love to save all my holiday experiences & remember them all from as early as I was born.

  7. I’d love to transfer our wedding videos and some of my cousin who has passed onto dvd.

  8. Will Patterson says:

    I’d like to preserve my kids’ holiday moments while they are young.

    Such great prizes. My mom has some old film I really need to get transferred.

  9. I’d love to save photos for my childhood and my children’s

  10. I would love to preserve any of the old family movies at my Dad’s house from when my mom was still alive. Especially Christmas ones. I can remember our Christmases being so magical.

  11. Melissa Mazzur says:

    This sounds so cool!

  12. All the old home videos!

  13. Christmas memories are the best!

  14. Sara Grivas says:

    Past Christmas tapes. My Dad just passed away and I would love to be able to keep some of those!

  15. Doris Reed says:

    VHS Tape of my mom’s last Christmas

  16. memories from when I was a kid!

  17. Rebecca Rushton says:

    christmas videos

  18. melissa teears says:

    My son opening up presents on Christmas. Too funny

  19. The look when my kids wake up and come down the stairs to see what Santa left. It’s priceless.
    Thanks for the chance.

  20. kelly thompson says:

    i want to preserve our first christmas

  21. Old videos of my family!

  22. Stephen Almberg says:

    I would love to transfer old VHS videos of my children into digital format

  23. I’d love to preserve the video of my kids opening their gifts this year.

  24. My parents’ old vacation photos!

  25. My wedding and my children’s childhood moments

  26. I would like to preserve our Christmas wedding.

  27. My children’s first holiday together as a blended family. It was THIS Christmas.

  28. Definitely all the Christmas and Halloween parties!

  29. Sharing precious moments with my aging parents. Merry Christmas and God Bless.

  30. Our sons xmas play

  31. Melissa A. says:

    I would love to preserve my kids opening presents on Christmas morning!

  32. I’d have to say the last 10 Christmas’ when both of my sisters were younger. My dad was a little extreme with the home videos on his old school video camera which he still does til this day. It would be awesome to allow him to preserve all of those memories of us.

  33. I havent been able to see my brother and his family in 6 years. In a week I get to go spend time with them. we are actually waiting to celebrate our holiday until then. I would preserve that moment.

  34. I would love to preserve all my childhood Christmas’s that were video taped at my Nanas house.

  35. The kids coming out and seeing the gifts and the joy on their faces!

  36. My grandmother’s last christmas

  37. This year was our youngest’s first year he was old enough to realize what was going on Christmas morning. He ran into the living room with his jaw dropped, and all he could say was “wow” and “thanks” over and over again. Great moment to have captured on video!

  38. Samantha Remington says:

    I would love to preserve our childhood Christmas for my mother.

  39. I would like to preserve our wedding. Our dumb prhotographer lost all our pictures and we have nothing but our memories..

  40. Laura Bradley says:

    my son was born on Christmas Day so that would have been nice!

  41. ALL of them! But especially when my husband and I have our first child’s holiday moments!

  42. Definitely my daughters 1st Christmas this year or the Christmas message video I received from my Dad when I was 5, he was deployed during Desert Storm and he got to send a Christmas message! we have it on VHS somewhere!

  43. Decking out the family Christmas tree with all the trimmings!

  44. I would love to preserve my daughter’s first Christmas with the family!

  45. Lisa Puckett says:

    I would love to be able to preserve the memories of our family holidays that we have on old movie reels from the 70’s – 80’s. That would be awesome!

  46. Pictures and videos of when I was young.

  47. Kaitlin Boles says:

    Christmas videos and memories!