Twitter Party How To

What is a Twitter Party?

A Twitter Party is a live chat where multiple people sign into their Twitter accounts and join a conversation around a specific topic by tweeting with an assigned hashtag. It’s fun, exciting and extremely fast paced.

The moderator, in our case @YesVideo, will ask questions to get the party attendees engaged.  The tweets will always have the assigned hashtag and the questions will be numbered.  For example: Q1, Q2, Q3….  This way it’s easy to follow along with the conversation by tweeting with 140 characters or less.

Twitter Party attendees usually answer the questions by including the question number in their tweet, such as A1, A2, A3.  Everyone that joins the Twitter Party can interact not only with the moderator by also the Twitter Party panelists and other attendees.  It’s just like attending a live party with social networking, except it all takes place online using Twitter.

What is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is a keyword or phrase used to track tweets.  Hashtags are used to search Twitter and to group tweets that belong in the same conversation.  You type a hashtag by adding the hash symbol (number sign) before the word without a space – like #RememberWhen

YesVideo has a hashtag we use daily.  #RememberWhen is the way we brand our tweets when discussing memories.  Since YesVideo is a leading company in preserving your memories we like to engage in conversations with our followers about their day to day memories being made.  Our followers can use the hashtag #RememberWhen when sharing a milestone in their life, no matter how small.  Did you share a fun moment on Instagram?  Tag it with the hashtag #RememberWhen for us to retweet on Twitter.  We love sharing your special family moments!

How to Join a Twitter Party?

Use your favorite tweet-tracking program to follow the #RememberWhen hashtag and @YesVideo, your host. Some of our favorites include HootSuite and the web-based Twitter platform.

What is a Twitter Party Panelist?

At each Twitter Party there are assigned panelists to follow.  The Twitter Party panelists will make sure to retweet all of the questions asked by the moderator and tweet out other important information.  Twitter Parties move so fast with hundreds of tweets flying by that it’s nearly impossible for every attendee to see and read every single tweet.  By having Twitter Party panelists tweet out the same questions as the moderator it’s more likely the attendees will see all the important tweets at least once.  The Twitter Party panelists will also engage with the attendees to keep the conversation running smoothly when the moderator is busy picking winners for the prizes.


What’s a party without prizes?  Before a party there is usually a RSVP form to sign up for the chance to win a door prize.  This announcement and form will also include a list of the prizes being given away during the party.  In YesVideo’s case we offer transfer service gift cards and other exciting items to help assist with your family home movie nights such as a BluRay player and/or a FLIP HD video camera.  The prizes are given away randomly during the Twitter Party to attendees using the hashtag in their tweets.

Come Join the Fun

We love hosting Twitter Parties and engaging with our followers.  Watch our blog for updates on when our next Twitter Party will take place.  Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to see our daily updates.  Also let us help share your memories by using the hashtag #RememberWhen when tweeting out photos and/or videos.