Unique Angle – Wordless Wednesday

Earlier this week we shared photography tips from Lolli on capturing your memories from a unique angle.

Lisa {YesVideo Customer Service Director} and Norman

This week we are featuring a photo from Connie at Brain Foggles.  Connie shares a memory of meeting a friend in person at a social media conference.  Don’t they look like sisters?



  1. What a cute dog!

  2. I love trying new angles with photos. I also like that you see what I saw, that the two ladies pictured could be long lost sisters! I told them the same thing! How fun to meet social media friends in person!

  3. How cute is he!!

  4. sweet angel :)

  5. What a cute doggy and yes, those ladies do look related! Stopping by to say Hi from W.W. linky @ Create-with-joy.

  6. Oooh what a sweet puppy!

  7. Hey I know those lovely ladies! Great photos

  8. Norman is adorable and that is a great tip!

  9. I had never thought of using cool tilts of the camera to make pictures interesting. I guess I’ll need to try that.