Unlocking a “Treasure” of Past Memories

Today’s post is brought by YesVideo’s VP of Business Development, Brian Knapp. He recently stumbled upon a collection of his family videotapes, and converted them all to digital with YesVideo. He reflects on his gratifying experience after discovering video footage of some hilarious childhood memories, along with some priceless family moments.

They say be careful what you wish for, but maybe the saying should go “be careful what you watch for.”  My sister recently sent a handful of family videos off to YesVideo to work its magic.  The videos weren’t labeled in detail, so we really had no idea what to expect on videos labeled “Christmas 1987 – 1989”, “1984-1985 BRK Science”, “Peer Family Reunion”, and such.

Would one expect a scene of my mock rapping to 80s hip hop legend Tone L?c in a leather jacket, glasses, hat, and pajama bottoms?  What about not one but two readings of elementary school research reports?  High school wrestling matches?  Perhaps a brief appearance on a morning talk show with Richard Simmons?  Come on, let’s get serious here…

Oh, I am being serious.  The magic that is YesVideo brought back all this vintage video goodness and more from a random pile of aging VHS tapes on a shelf at my parents’ home.  But it’s not all embarrassing episodes from my past caught on film, what came to life on my tablet were incredible video memories of family reunions, summers with my grandfather and Christmas with cousins, and my little sister starring as Tilly the Tooth in a school play.

As you can imagine these vintage video memories have been both endlessly enjoyable and very meaningful for my family, especially my mother in seeing her father on film for the first time in a decade or more.  And the hip hop rapstar scene with “Emcee BK” and elementary school reports certainly were sufficiently high hilarity for my wife…. Good thing we’re already married!  :)

Enjoy a few of these highlights yourself. Just log in to your YesVideo online account or log in with your Facebook account and follow the links below.

Brian's Highlight Video #1

Brian's Highlight Video #1

Brian's Highlight Video #2

Brian's Highlight Video #2

Brian's Highlight Video #3

Brian's Highlight Video #3

Have you stumbled into any embarrassing footage from your early days?  Tell us your story!



  1. Eber Legarreta says:

    Brilliant! Been there! I used to sing with my cousins in the holidays, and performed in numerous school performances – dressed in everything from cowboys to clowns.

    Not my most heroic moments, but it happened! Now if only I can find the videos!

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