Twitter Party + Real Housewife Vicki Gunvalson = 61 minutes of fun

December comes around, and its time for us to throw our Holiday Twitter Party. Prizes, fun conversations and friendships built within 140 characters.

Like usual, we can’t wait for the party to start! What’s different this time around? Vicki Gunvalson from The Real Housewives of Orange County is joining the party!

Vicki Gunvalson Profile Pic

Vicki Gunvalson got in touch with YesVideo in interest of preserving a collection of her family videos. As a mother of two (now grown up) children, she had a collection of videotapes that grew with the age of her kids. First steps, birthdays, celebrations of Santa’s arrival on Christmas, school plays, and backyard family gatherings. Priceless memories of her family before reality television trended and the TV show spotlight of Real Housewives of Orange County.

Like any caring mother, Vicki wanted to preserve these irreplaceable memories. A short time after Vicki’s memories arrived at YesVideo’s office, Vicki’s video collection was ready for her to relive on DVD and online. From the result, a friendship was built & Vicki wanted to share some of these memories to her fans, while publicizing what YesVideo was able to do to her personal memories.

Enter the 2013 Holiday Twitter Party.

We informed Vicki on how we get together for our periodical Twitter Parties. One hour of discussing memories – past, present, future – and feel-good times. Intrigued as she was, she became the special guest for our 2013 Holiday Twitter Party.

The whole hour, she conversed along with the #Rememberwhen Twitter Party group. She revealed some personal stories that haven’t even been revealed on TValong with a few details that occur off-screen (like her 22 year-old Office Holiday Party tradition, or her favorite Christmas song).

But like any Twitter Party, the purpose it not to dive into people’s lives, but to converse and share common ground through stories & experiences. That’s exactly what occurred at this Twitter party, and having Vicki as a guest was pure icing on the cake. Vicki will continue to share some of her memories in the upcoming weeks. She’ll be sharing them on Twitter, as well as on YesVideo’s site – so stay tuned by following @vgunvalson, @yesvideo, and visit to see the latest updates.

Hope to see you at the next Twitter Party. Happy Holidays!