Viva Las Vegas – AARP 2013 National Event edition!

Today’s post is from Eber, YesVideo’s Marketing Communications Specialist. He shares his experience in attending this year’s AARP 2013 Life@50+ National Event in Las Vegas.

The AARP 2013 Life@50+ National Event took over the Las Vegas Convention Center this past week. From May 30 to June 1, AARP Members and guests filled the halls to see what this Spring’s National Event had to offer.

Setting Up AARP Booth

Thor adds the finishing touches to the YV Booth

For attendees, it meant a collection of vendors offering endless options of great services and products, in addition to entertaining events and seminars. YesVideo joined the crowd in the Retail Pavilion section of the show floor. I was there with my colleague, Thor and Ryan (and I’m not shown in any of the photos because I was behind the camera…can you relate?). Once our booth was set up, we waited anxiously for the event to start the morning of May 30.



“The AARP Showroom is now open!”

We spent three days informing attendees about YesVideo’s service – spreading the word that those collections of home videos & photos don’t need to collect dust and fade away. To no surprise, just about every passerby did agree that they have home memories tucked away somewhere in their homes.

Guests approached us for everything from information, sharing their experience from transfers we’ve done for them, to even just telling us personal stories of some of the memories they have on film. For those interested in preserving their memories, we happily gave them all the information they needed to get started with their transfers. We even gave them a coupon to take home so they can save a few dollars on their orders.

Thor talking to AARP attendee

Other visitors came by just to thank us for having preserved some of their memories! It always fascinates us to meet our customers first-hand, and gives us pleasure to know that customers are enjoying the service we’ve provided for them. These guests often fascinated us by sharing some of the incredible memories that they preserved in digital. We heard stories ranging from historical war footage, video clips of the late JFK during his presidency, to equally priceless videos of daily family life.

While we were there to promote our service, these are the guests that made our trip worth the travel. We got to see an animated enthusiasm that customers portrayed in sharing their stories – an emotional expression that cannot be emulated. It was a reminder that we’re not transferring videotapes or 8mm film reels. We’re in the service of preserving memories, historical events, and moments worth sharing.


See you in Atlanta!

For those who took a minute to stop by our booth, thank you. If you took one of our coupons, keep in mind that it is good until the end of June. And if you missed us this round, hopefully we’ll see you this October at the next AARP Life@50+ National Event in Atlanta.