YESography – Kailone “Tyrone” Moega

There are a lot of hardworking YesVideo employees making sure your personal memories are well taken care of. Through our YesVideo Employee Spotlight, we’d like to introduce you to those individuals so that you can to get to know them and gain a little insight into their personal story.


Kailone (Tyrone), YesVideo Direct Order Entry Crew

“When I first met Kailone, I was afraid of him because of how tall and stern he looked. But it turns out he’s a big sweetheart with a wonderful sense of humor. There’s never dull moment working with him.”

– Sherill, YesVideo Direct Order Entry Crew

How long have you been with YesVideo?
I’ve been with YesVideo for 4-years. My cousin Samantha worked with the company and told me there was an opening, so I jumped at the opportunity. Since starting here I’ve worked several departments from video to slides, eventually leading me to direct online orders. I’ve been in this position for almost 3 years.

YESography Quote - TYRONE

What is your favorite work related memory?
Our department lunches. The department I work in is very small, 5-10 people at most, and over time we’ve become really close. Everyday for lunch a small bunch of us get together in the break room to chit chat about anything and everything non-work related and make the most of our down time. We eat together as a family, we laugh together as a family, we work together as a family.

What would people be surprised to find out about you?
I play(ed) the violin. We had a class field trip to see a performance of the San Jose Symphony and at the moment I said “I want to do that,” so I did. I signed up through the music program at school and played in an orchestra from 3rd grade to my senior year in high school.

Do you have a life philosophy?
Live each day as if it were your last. There was a time in my family where we lost someone almost every month over a six-month period, and only then it hit me time is short. It may be a cliche, but truth is you never know when certain moments will be your last.


What is your life’s passion?
Volleyball. My entire family plays volleyball and to this day we have weekly family/friend matches, so it was something I picked up growing up. The game is such a part of my family history that it’s not even about playing or competing, but has become a way for me to relax and get my mind off things.

What would you say to someone who is just starting to learn about YesVideo?
Save your memories, they’re worth re-living.


We loved hearing your stories Kailone a.k.a. Tyrone, we’re very lucky to have you on the YesVideo team!