YesVideo…Bridging the Distance


With family thousands of miles away, it’s hard to not feel homesick.

While the children get to see their grandparents once, if not twice, in two year pockets… it’s just not enough.


My saving grace?


My mother stays connected via Facebook and emails, so the exchange of photographs and the latest “Grand-kiddos” buzz is  practically up to date.

Hubby’s dad on the other hand, is not very fond of  accessing his emails on the computer. He’s more of a “pick up the phone and talk”  kind of person.

Unfortunately this also means that he misses out on a lot of photographs of the kids.

Bridging the Distance 

There was a time when we’d take physical hard copies of photographs and mail it to him. But with the escalating rates in postal charges, this has become less frequent.

Thankfully, we now have YesVideo!

Having 90 minutes worth of photographs and home videos from the past several weeks to enjoy, at leisure, while relaxed on the sofa, is definitely a treat.

With YesVideo, our “Memory Preserving” DVDs makes something that was once a  probability, now a possibility!

And you know what’s great?

Like any proud grandparent, my father-in-law can carry his DVD(s) stuffed with special moments from our kids lives, and share it with other family members in the vicinity.

(Definitely beats lugging around a heavy photo album, right? Plus the antics of an animated child caught on tape is always the cherry on the cake!!)

For our tech-comfy grandparents… 

YesVideo has now launched new and improved services on their MemoryShare site which allows you to create videos and share them from your account.

Which means grandparents can also get video updates!

Honestly with all these developments, all I can say is…

Thank God for technology!

Marina J, is a Texas based, chai-loving, Mom of two giggly bundles of energy and the voice over at Energizer Bunnies’ Mommy Reports. You can find her sharing her latest updates on Facebook, pinning things she loves on Pinterest or uploading fun pics on Instagram.


  1. I have one grandparent that can’t turn a computer on and another that’s on facebook! I love YesVideo for both of them–one gets the DVD memories and one can use the online sharing (I actually shared some of my videos with her online through YesVideo just the other week–she loved it!)