YesVideo Employee Snapshot: Eber Legarreta

Today’s special video moment is brought to you by YesVideo’s employees.

The recent update to YesVideo’s iPhone app is filled with new features. One of our favorite additions is the Snapshot feature, which was previously only accessible through our iPad app.

Eber Legarreta shares one of his favorite moments. A Snapshot and accompanied video clip from his childhood.

Eber using YesVideo iPhone App

“Remember when I was eight years old, and my baby cousin wasn’t even old enough to walk. He entertained himself by flicking the door stopper (yes, like a cat would), and we capped the moment by sharing some juice.

Its a completely random and meaningless moment of my childhood, but its incredible to be able to see ourselves in different stages of our lives. Priceless!”

-Eber Legarreta, Community Marketing Manager

Eber YesVideo Snapshot

Click here to see a video Snippet of this scene.


This Snapshot was captured with YesVideo’s iPhone app, now available free at the App Store.