YesVideo Employee Snapshot – Ryan Skach

Today’s special video moment is brought to you by YesVideo’s employees.

Ryan Skach shares one of his favorite family moments using the new features in the latest YesVideo iPhone App – a Snapshot and video snippet from his parents’ wedding that was captured on 8mm film. This is a video that neither of his parents knew existed until they digitized the family home video collection.

I transferred a bunch of my family’s film reels and VHS tapes for them for Christmas this year. There was so much footage that we still haven’t had time to watch it all, but I’ll never forget my family gathered around my Dad’s iPad on Christmas morning watching their long lost wedding film from 48 years ago!

Ryan -iphone app

They have the pictures of that special day in nice frames in the house but none of us kids had ever seen actual moving video of that day! My parents were both shocked that there was even any film footage because it was such a hectic day that they didn’t realize my grandmother had been filming them. They especially enjoyed the moment in the video of them walking out to their car which was covered in shaving cream, lipstick, and beer cans! You can see my mom frantically wiping off all of the lipstick before they ride off together.

I took a snapshot of them eating their wedding cake and toasting their champagne and posted it on Facebook for all of our relatives to see and remember when.

-Ryan Skach, Retail Marketing Manager

Ryan Parent Wedding Animated Snapshot

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This Snapshot was captured with YesVideo’s iPhone app, now available free at the App Store.