YesVideo iPhone App – Now Available!

YesVideo iPhone App - click to download.

The YesVideo iPhone app is now available from the Apple App Store. The new app allows you to view your entire library of vintage video memories on-the-go. Dad can show his kids footage of his own first touchdown, Mom can share nearly-forgotten video of her child’s first steps over lunch with girlfriends, and Grandma can relive her wedding with her grandchildren – all from the new iPhone App.

  • Watch your home movies anywhere. Sign In to your YesVideo Online account using the app. Seconds later, all your transferred memories are at your fingertips ready to stream from your iPhone.
  • Enjoy your movies on the big screen with your Apple TV. The app is Apple AirPlay compatible which allows you to stream the videos playing on your phone to your Apple TV. Tap the Apple AirPlay icon while playing your video, and it will stream wirelessly through your Apple TV connected television. (Apple TV required. Learn more about Apple AirPlay at
  • Share with family & friends via email or Facebook. Share your videos to your family & friends anywhere in the world!
  • Jump to your favorite chapters instantly. No more rewinding or fast-forwarding. Chapters and thumbnail images allow you to jump right to your favorite scene instantly.

Click here to download the YesVideo app in your iPhone today!

This App is to view and share videos that you have transferred with YesVideo, or a YesVideo Retail partner that also offers online viewing. Want to transfer your memories? Get started at


  1. this is awesome! congrats to the YesVideo team! :)

  2. bKnappAllStar says:

    SWEET! video memories on the goooooo!!!

  3. w/iPhone app, I watch my home movies all the time. It is so easy to find, view and share special moments when my children were small. I love it! TY YesVideo

  4. The team has been working really hard on this. We are so excited to see it live and available for customers!

  5. So excited that we are helping to change the way YV customers think about their own content! Viewing and sharing at any time was the promise of filming and making your home videos, to relive your memories whenever you want…Video is so powerful and filled with emotion.

  6. Lillian Robinson says:

    have been trying for five days now to get this app to work. snapshots will not save to camera roll since app does not appear in privacy setting so it can be enabled. very frustrating.