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The SXSW (South by SouthWest) Panel Picker has launched for the 2013 festival, and we need your help!

SXSW Panel PIcker: Vote for YesVideo

Vote for YesVideo's Panel @ SXSW!

In case you’ve never heard of SXSW, it is the biggest annual interactive conference in the world. It is where all the great movers and shakers come to celebrate music, film and interactive. It’s an annual gathering of cutting-edge technologies and digital creativity.

As a long-time leader in the personal video space, YesVideo is on par to hit some major milestones in unlocking video memories and revolutionizing the way consumers can celebrate their family histories. We have submitted one panel proposal about the future of personal video viewing.

Sessions and panels are selected with the influence of community vote. Please vote for our panel to help send us to Austin, TX in 2013! It should only take a minute.

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    You, Mom, and Lindsay Lohan on Your Connected TV:
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The YesVideo Team

You, Mom, and Lindsay Lohan on Your Connected TV
Imagine a world where you and your mom share top billing with Lindsay Lohan. Ok, not appealing? Imagine yourself with Brad Pitt then. This world is happening today, as more homes are becoming equipped with connected televisions. By storing our personal videos in the cloud, we are able to watch ourselves on TV. We can gather round to re-live mom’s worst

haircut, your first steps, or your best friend’s wedding – and then watch ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ with Julia Roberts on the same screen.

The future of video viewing on all sorts of devices has arrived, and thanks to cutting-edge editing tools, we’re now able to put ourselves in the film editor’s seat and create beautiful masterpieces that feature our own family and friends – and maybe even Lindsay and her mom, too.