New HTML Embed Feature Brings Your Videos to Your Webpages

New feature on! You can now create HTML video codes to embed your home video clips onto your websites.

Sharing among friends & family by Facebook & email has worked very well, but you wanted more sharing options…and we’re ok with that! Video embedding has been the most popular request among bloggers & webmasters – so we made it happen.

With two mouse clicks, you can create an HTML code for your favorite video. Simply “Copy & Paste” in your website and the video to play directly on your page. The steps are simple, but the result is that you’ll be able to share the stories of all your favorite video clips. Every video has a story, tell it the way you remember it!

Just in case, here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of the new feature, and a little clip of the feature in action.

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Note: This feature is currently available for individual chapters, Trailers & Snippets only. The ability to embed an entire DVD/Video is not currently available.

To create an embed code for your video:

  1. Visit and Sign In to your YesVideo account.
  2. Find your favorite video from your video library.
  3. In the movie viewer, find the clip you want to embed. Once the chapter is playing, click “+ Create a link to this chapter”.video embed-step3
  4. A URL will populate. Click the “get embed code” link below the 4
  5. A new window containing the HTML embed code for your video will appear at the top of your screen. Copy & paste the code on your website, and the video will be able to play directly in your

Insert into your web post, and voila!

Let us know what you think of the new feature. Better yet, show us your favorite video by pasting the embed code in the comments section below!