YesVideo Welcomes New CEO and CTO – Wordless Wednesday

YesVideo’s new CEO and CTO, Michael Chang and Andy Choi, geeking out inside one of our video production labs

Michael Chang and Andy Choi dive right in at the YesVideo headquarters upon joining the YesVideo team.

This week we could not decide between two photos from last week’s linkup of which one to feature.  So we are featuring both.

My Strange Family shared photos of their summer memories from bike riding and visiting the lighthouse in Nantucket.

Who doesn’t love Disney World? We thought this photo was extra cute and so much more than a simple pose in front of Cinderella’s castle. A great memory made from the Heartbeat Magazine Blog!

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  1. Welcome to YesVideo’s newest team members! I love that Disney family photo. Hilarious!

  2. Welcome to the team Michael & Andy! They look like kids in a candy store in front of all those machines!

    That bike ride must’ve been great – the scenery looks amazing!