YesVideo’s 5 Tips for Sharing Memories at High School Reunions

Blogger and friend, Rajean Blomquist, approached us for some advice regarding her upcoming high school reunion.

Rajean: I’d love ideas on how to use your service for a BIG high school reunion I’m attending in six weeks. I planned the two previous ones our class has had and I’m thrilled to simply be attending this time around. But I know we all enjoyed the slides (old school, ha) we had set up on a loop in the corners of the room. These were from photos people had submitted. I’d like to take something as my little contribution.


Warriorettes! (kickline)

YesVideo: Rajean, what a fun project! We love reunions and have challenged the team to think of creative ways to share your classic memories with the whole group. Here are some ideas:

  1. It would be great to show DVDs of your photos and videos on big screens throughout the party room. If you have the footage separated into years, what about simultaneously looping one slideshow in each corner for each year in high school?
  2. If you need slides, photos or even negatives digitized, we can deliver those as JPEG images. Once you have the digital files, you can order photo books, photo collages or a number of other custom photo items from any photo gift website to put out on display so your classmates can enjoy them together and reminisce. It is always fun to combine classic photos with present-day ones, to see how much everyone has grown and changed.
  3. If you have an email group or online community with your classmates, send out an old photo or video link to the group each day, counting down to the big celebration. Caption them with quirky titles and start fun conversations.
  4. If you want to order a handful of disc copies for your classmates, to give out these memorable keepsakes as unique party favors, door prizes, we would be happy to work out a volume discount for you.
  5. Unfortunately, we can’t transfer clips directly from YouTube to DVD. If you have the source footage as digital video files on a jump drive or SD card, we can transfer those files into a DVD or Blu-ray slideshow. Otherwise, if you will have an internet connection, you can compile the clips into one streaming YouTube channel.

Hope this helps. Have a great time and please let us know how it goes!

Once A Warrior....Always A Warrior!

Rajean and her classmates will always be Warriors!


Class of '82

Class of '82 Senior Cabinet (from our yearbook). We love the perm, but Rajean remembers being compared to Reagan from the Exorcist. (Hmm...Rajean and Reagan...)


  1. I love this post, great tips!