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There’s a popular saying that memories last forever. And while that is true, they do tend to fade, just like those keepsake videos and photographs of family members, precious events, and times past.

Over the last 14 years YesVideo has been at the forefront of helping families keep those memories alive by transferring your video tapes, film reels and photos to digital format so they won’t deteriorate. We’ve become experts at preserving thousands of miles of footage for millions of families.

But that’s not enough.

In the span of a generation records and film were replaced by cassettes and VHS tapes, which were replaced by CDs and CD-ROMS, which were then replaced by digital DVDs and thumb drives, and will soon be obsolete, only to be replaced by the “cloud” where no physical device is required.

Here at YesVideo we believe that the format doesn’t matter—it never did—it’s all about those precious memories to share with friends and family.

Family movie night or vacation slide show evenings may be a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean the whole family can’t share in your movies, videos, slides, and photos. We want you to wrap them together in compelling ways and share them securely whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email or even on DVD.

You shouldn’t have to worry about deterioration or quality degradation. But, preserving your family history was only the first step.  More importantly, we hope you’ll get excited about creating new ways to share those memories and we want this blog to help you keep those moments alive.

Greg Ayres,
President & CEO

Greg Ayres, CEO

Greg Ayres, CEO