YesVideo’s Mission: Saving America’s Memories

TouchCast recently collaborated with some of the country’s innovative leaders, asking them what hard problems their companies face in this current technological age. Using their integrated platform that combines professional video quality with internet browsing capabilities, YesVideo CEO Michael Chang

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had one problem he was looking to solve – keeping America’s memories alive.

Over the last century, a gradual evolution within the media landscape occurred. From the 16mm film reels of the 1920’s to the digital devices of today, this progression of media formats concurrently shifted the way we watch those significant moments documented in our lives. As devices become obsolete, the harder it becomes for us to pull out those 8mm films, slides and VHS tapes to relive, remind and remember. Consequently, our means of “preserving” these memories entail throwing everything into a box and storing it away, only for time to deteriorate them naturally.

The importance of properly preserving memories lies in the deep emotional connection to be found in them. It’s about seeing that comforting smile and soothing voice of that person who is no longer with us. Watching those wedding videos and falling in love with your significant other all over again. Or bonding and having open conversations with family over 1st birthday or milestone moment. Above all, it should illicit something from inside you to go out into the world and make your own memories to share with family, generation after generation.

Juxtaposing this digital modern era with vintage footage is the solution to saving America’s memories. Memories, at heart, are the truest and most honest expressions of the lives we’ve lived. And its this significance and emotional attachment that leads Michael Chang, as YesVideo CEO, on a mission to preserve America’s memories – one family at a time.